SKYREAT Silicone Lens Cap Coverfor DJI Osmo Action


Silicone material, not easy to be damaged.Protect dji osmo action Camera lens from the vibration and dust in the process of transportation.

No scratches & fingerprints: Accidental touches and scratches to the front element are reduced because the silicone cap can prevent direct from touching on the glass. You will have a better shooting on your DJI Osmo Action camera.

Waterproof & Dustproof: If your lens is not weather sealed, please do not let it get wet. A clean and dry front element will allow the camera to deliver the better image quality that you expect.

Fit for DJI Osmo Action Lens: Your lens may be much more expensive, adding a lens cap will bring you more benefit.

Easy to Clean: Silicon lens cap can be directly washed by water, alcohol, cleaning liquid. After drying, simply put it back on the lens.

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