Handheld Phone Holder for DJI Osmo Pocket


【Connect Smartphone and Osmo Pocket】Offer much more rigidity to the phone connector via the Lightning/USBC connection.
【Hand Grip or Tripod Mount】Hand mounted mini tripod base which has two functions – a hand grip or Mini Tripod for the whole unit.
【Cold Shoe 1/4″ Thread Screw】With cold shoe interface and 1/4″ Mounting Screw,Pefect for external microphone & LED light and other external accessories.
【With Hand Strap】To help you hold on to avoid falling and better protect your Osmo pokcet.
【ALUMINUM +ABS Plastic】Tripod part made of Aluminum alloy,Stable and durable to use.With EVA cotton & Soft rubber lining inside to prevent scratching of your Osmo pocket.

How it works

DJI Osmo pocket is connected with mobile phone only by an adapter. This definitely will cause some inconveniences for users. It poses some challenges in the security of both the mobile phone and osmo pocket. Besides, it requires two hands to operate. This Osmo pocket mobile phone support is designed to solve these problems. The advantage of this support could be summarised in four aspects:

More safe: It makes the usage of mobile phone and osmo pocket much more safer by holding them in position. In addition, the new hand strap double the safety.

More convenient: The introduction of aluminum tripods and hand strap free your hands, making it much easier and stable to shoot with one hand and shoot in fixed-point.

Flexible extension: The Metal mobile phone clips with cold shoe ensure the expansibility of this support. Many plug-ins, for instance, microphones and LED lights, are available to extend.

With this Skyreat handheld mobile phone bracket, you can utilise the function supported by osmo pocket fully, including shooting and video blogging. Moreover, this suit is small and exquisite and it is convenient and easy to use in both indoor case and outdoor adventure.


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